Yomi v1 gameplay-changed cards



A pack of the gameplay-changed cards from the latest Yomi to update v1 Yomi. It includes:
  • Grave 10
  • Jaina red(2,3,5,6) 7, 10, J
  • Midori K
  • Setsuki 10
  • Rook 3, K
  • Valerie 10, K
  • Lum 10, Q, A
  • Argagarg 10
  • character cards x10
Highlights Includes gameplay-relevant changes from v1 Yomi to the current Yomi
Did you notice?
These Yomi cards are *only* the set of cards with gameplay changes from v1 to v2. Please be aware of several drawbacks of using these as an upgrade: 
  • The latest cards have differently formatted ability boxes than the v1 cards. Now there's a timing tag in the upper right like "Draw Phase" that your old cards won't have, so the new ability formatting won't match your old (unchanged) ability cards. 
  • There's now a "normal draw rule." The help text of the new cards says to draw when your normal attack is blocked or wins combat. Your old cards won't say the right help text, but the new ones will. 
  • Does not include art tweaks. 
  • Does not include reworded abilities (which is basically ALL abilities). The new ones are shorter and more concise, partly due to the new timing tags. 
  • Does not include the new stat reference cards. 
  • Your old tuckboxes probably can't fit the extra EX cards inside, if you choose to get the EX Powerup, but the new tuckboxes can.
As players, we really prefer the aesthetics of a fresh new set that's all updated. If these issues don't bother you though, you can use these v1 gameplay-changed cards to get to the latest balance and be tournament-legal.
The graphic enhancements not included here are shown in the "Improvements since 1st edition" section on the kickstarter page.
Recommended For
  • Players who have the Complete First Edition of Yomi and want updated gameplay but don't care about the various drawbacks.
What's in the Box? 74 Yomi cards updating the base characters to a tournament-legal form.