Yomi Playmats

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The Basics
These high quality playmats are made of "mousepad" material and can be rolled up. These are the very last of these playmats, and we only have a few left! Each has a life total tracker built in.

You get two mats: one with Grave vs Rook and one with Jaina vs Valerie.
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Did you notice?

These same characters are now in the Fantasy Strike fighting game.

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Recommended For
  • Players who want to play Yomi in style
  • Players who loved or missed out on Yomi's 1st Edition's playmats
What you get
  • A playmat with Rook vs Grave (and life tracker)
  • A playmat with Jaina vs Valerie (and life tracker)

      Pair of Yomi playmats is not yet available :(