Yomi Panda vs. G.Panda

$19.99 $29.99

This special 2-deck set of Yomi decks has the same minimalist graphic design style as Pandante. Panda's deck is a new look for Lum's deck. G.Panda (short for "Gambling Panda") is a completely new deck based on the mechanics of Pandante. G.Panda can claim he has whatever cards he wants, and they count as real unless you challenge him!
  • Strikingly minimal graphic design
  • Limited edition, while supplies last
  • G.Panda is an all-new character to Yomi
Did you notice?
All the graphic design was done by European fashion designer Hectóre Blivand.
# of players


Recommended For
  • Fans of elegance and minimalism
  • Yomi players looking for a unique treat
  • Pandante fans
What's in the Box?
  • 1 deck for Panda
  • 1 deck for G.Panda
  • "rulebook"