Yomi Foil Aces

  • base 10 characters foil aces
  • expansion 10 characters foil aces
  • all 20 characters foil aces
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These rare foil Aces are limited edition, while supplies last. Four foil Ace cards for each character in Yomi (40 cards total for 10 characters, or 80 cards total if you get the entire set for 20 characters). The iridescent cards sparkle and show different colors at different angles of light. Play Yomi in style!
  • Shiny
  • Limited edition, while supplies last
Did you notice?
That these are pretty sweet.
Recommended For
  • Players who like to show off
  • Collectors
  • Those fascinated by shiny things
What's in the Box?
  • 40 or 80 foil Aces, depending on which product you select