Puzzle Strike 2: Bold Adventures expansion

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Requires Puzzle Strike 2 (base set).

This expansion contains ten new characters and four new community decks for Puzzle Strike 2. Each deck has a new game mechanic and theme.

  • Haunted House. Discarding cards becomes a resource and lots of perks trigger off it.
  • Dinosize. Huge effects! Several cards cost 4 actions, which is more than in any other deck. You get help to actually play these huge effects.
  • Steam Crank. Many cards have a "chain" mechanic that gives you a bonus if you play cards of the same color consecutively.
  • Puzzle Pets. The creatures are the stars of this deck. You can evolve them from level 1 to 2 to 3. Can you catch them all?
  • Your next stop in Puzzle Strike after the base set.
  • Even more wild, insane turns will happen with these decks than in the base set.
Did you notice?

The 10 new expansion characters are also seen in Yomi and Flash Duel, except for Judge Bigby Hayes who is from Codex.

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Recommended For Players that want even more variety out of Puzzle Strike 2.
    Whats in the Box?
    • Four new decks, each with 61 cards.
    • 10 new characters.
    • Rulebook
    Make sure you have

    Puzzle Strike 2 (base set)

    Print-and-play Version Includes
    • All the card images for four decks on 9-up pages for easy printing.
    • Optional cardbacks with game logo.
    • Printing instructions.