Puzzle Strike 2

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Physical version includes two free promo characters (Troq the Well-meaning Beast and River the Dancing Fencer) as a thank you from buying from sirlingames.com.

Choose one of 10 characters, build your deck as you play, and expect big comebacks and miracle turns in this deckbuilding game. It features physical, 3D gems that are fun to touch and manipulate as you play.
Each turn, you add magical gems to your board, but you’ll lose if you have too many. Arrange your gems to line up the colors, then “crash” same-color clusters of gems to send them to opponents. The more gems you have, the closer you are to losing, but the more powerful you are.
Whoever has The Scepter builds up even more power, but it comes at a price. The greedy will hold onto The Scepter too long. Will you use is wisely or be overwhelmed while chasing its power?
  • Great-looking, tactile components: gems and scepter (lights up and flashes!).
  • New take on deckbuilding with the gem system (allows exciting comebacks) and drop pattern mechanic (the order of card colors in the bank row matters).
  • Suitable for families and also for hardcore strategists.
  • The characters are from the video game Fantasy Strike and tabletop games Yomi and Codex.
  • Includes solo and co-op modes.
Did you notice?

The designer was also the lead designer of Puzzle Fighter HD Remix, the video game that Puzzle Strike is inspired by.

# of players

1 - 4

Recommended For
  • Casual gamers looking for 4-player battles with wild, insane turns.
  • Intense competitors looking to dive into a deep 1v1 game.
Whats in the Box?
  • Toy scepter of power (lights up!)
  • 123 beautiful gems, including 3 large diamonds
  • 1 large bank board
  • 8 player boards (2 per player)
  • 40 tokens (20 actions, 20 gems)
  • 198 cards including:
           • 10 different characters
           • 2 bank decks
  • Oversized rulebook
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Puzzle Strike 2: Bold Adventures. It's an expansion with four new decks: Haunted House, Dinosize, Steam Crank, and Puzzle Pets. Each with a new gameplay mechanic and theme. Also includes 10 more characters.

Sparkling Gem card sleeves. Play Puzzle Strike 2 in style! Sleeves do not contain any game logos, so you can also play any other card game in style!

Print-and-play version Includes
  • All the card images in 9-up pages for easy printing
  • Player boards and bank board
  • Optional card backs with game logo
  • Printing instructions