Pandante: Light & Dark expansion


The Basics
This Pandante expansion requires you to already have a Pandante deck and dealer button. It gives you a new, big centralized betting board, a huge metal panda coin, a bunch of new content, and an updated set of abilities. In addition to the regular "light" abilities, you now get an alternate set of "dark" abilities, panda champion cards that give each player a unique power, casino cards that change the rules each gambit, and a diamond dreams mode that makes the diamond chips into powerups.
Mix and Match
You can mix and match all this expansion content however you like. Dark abilities + panda champions? Light abilities + casino cards + diamond dreams? ALL of it at once? Yes, yes, and yes. You can choose the level of craziness that's right for your group.
  • Adds lots of new content that you can mix and match
  • New centralized betting board makes it easy to tell which player bet the highest
  • Awesome, huge metal panda coin
  • Minimal graphical style
  • Pandas
Did you notice?

The betting board in this expansion is the same one included in the deluxe version.

# of players

2 - 6

Recommended For
  • Players who want the new, simplified rules for Pandante
  • Players looking to add a bunch of new content to Pandante
What's in the Box?
  • Casino cards and Panda Champion cards
  • Huge metal panda coin
  • Central betting board
  • 6 large ability reference cards
  • 12 challenge / no challenge tokens
  • Rulebook
  • Quick start leaflet (you can skip the rulebook entirely with this!)