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The Basics
Pandante is a panda-themed gambling game that's all about lying. You can play it as a social game without player-elimination, or in seriousface mode for real money...if you're Panda enough. It has just a few abilities to spice things up, but even non-gamers can pick it up pretty easily.
Panda Lords and Gold Fairies
If you win a pot by lying, you get the highest honor: a Golden Panda Coin that will help you a future gambit. On the other hand, if you bust, a Gold Fairy will frolic with you and cover your debts.
Expansion built right in
You get all the expansion content: a set of alternate ("dark") abilities in addition to the standard ("light") abilities, panda champions giving each player a unique ability, casino cards that change the rules of the game each gambit, and diamond dreams mode that treats the diamond chips as powerups. You can mix and match any or ALL of those features however you like.
  • Social game with no player-elimination
  • Laughing and lying
  • Actually very skill-based and suitable for experts playing intensely
  • Contains all expansion content
  • Minimal graphical style
  • Pandas
Did you notice?

Pandante is the gambling game Lum plays, in the Fantasy Strike universe.

# of players

2 - 6

Recommended For
  • Casual players who like light-hearted games where even losing is fun.
  • Those looking for a skill-based strategy game with more Pandas than poker.
What's in the Box?
  • 150 plastic betting chips
  • Pandante deck
  • Casino cards and Panda Champion cards
  • Dealer button (cardboard version)
  • Panda coin (cardboard version)
  • Central betting board
  • 6 large ability reference cards
  • 12 challenge / no challenge tokens
  • Rulebook
  • Quick start leaflet (you can skip the rulebook entirely with this!)
      Print-and-play Version Includes
      • All the cardfronts of the main deck in standard 2.5"x3.5" size.
      • Player boards with both light and dark abilities
      • Casino cards (they change one rule each gambit)
      • Quick reference sheet and rulebook
      • Optional sheet of cardbacks
      NOTE: For the print-and-play version only, you'll need to supply your own chips, or other implements to track money. The physical game comes with chips.