Minimalist Poker deck


This deck of playing cards matches the minimalist, elegant graphic design of Pandante, in the classic style of graphic designer Hectore Blivand. It's familiar in many ways, yet also breaks conventions. It has larger than normal cards, it puts visual emphasis on numbers rather than suits, it has four colors of suits rather than two, it has a strange extra rank of face cards called "wizards," and it's strikingly minimal overall.
  • Minimalist "Blivand" graphic design
  • Unusual design that focuses on number rather than suit
  • 4 color deck to make flushes easier to visually identify
  • An extra rank of face cards
Did you notice?

The cards are tarot-sized, and generally unusual. The colors exactly match four of the six colors used in Pandante.

# of players

Up to you!

Recommended For
  • A great gift idea!
  • Players who want an alternative to standard poker decks.
  • Collectors of unusual decks.
  • Show-offs.
What's in the Box?
  • A main deck 58 oversized cards, including 4 wizards and 2 jokers
  • 1 collector's card describing the deck