Extra Poker Chips

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This is a set of 180 extra poker chips, the same kind that come in the deluxe version of Pandante. Enjoy the elegant, minimal graphic design by famed minimal designer Hectore Blivand.
  • Minimal, elegant design
  • High quality clay chips
  • Goes great with Pandante or Human Poker
Did you notice?

The chips aren't stamped with denominations, so you can use them for any denominations you want.

Recommended For
  • Pandante players who want even more chips.
  • Players of Human Poker who would like a beautiful set of chips for any occasion.
What's in the Box?
  • 60 white bamboo chips
  • 60 red pair-of-cards chips
  • 30 black panda chips
  • 30 blue diamond chips
NOTE: you'll need your own storage solution for these chips.