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Print-and-play Version

This is a print-and-play version of the map cards that come in the Codex Deluxe set as well as all the token cards for all factions. Get great-looking versions of Pirates, Soldiers, Squirrels, Wisps, and more. (This is not a standalone game. Start with the Core Set.)
The Basics
Codex is an RTS-themed customizable card game. You build your deck as you play from a pool of cards in your "codex". You'll grow your economy by hiring workers, and spend the gold on summoning heroes, leveling them up, casting their spells, and building more and more powerful units.
  • Enhance your Codex print-and-play experience.
  • Map cards change some rule about the game each time you play
  • Awesome art for all token cards such as Pirates, Soldiers, Squirrels, Wisps, etc.
Did you notice?

Some maps are inspired by StarCraft.

# of players


Recommended For
  • Codex players wanting to play with awesome looking token cards instead using their own stand-ins.
  • Codex players who want a gameplay-changing experience each game.
Print-and-play Version Includes
  • 12 map cards.
  • Token cards for all factions (red, green, blue, black, white, and purple).
  • NOTE: This product is not a standalone game, so it requires other Codex products.