Codex Expansion: Flagstone Dominion vs. Blackhand Scourge

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The Basics

Codex is an RTS-themed customizable card game. You build your deck as you play from a pool of cards in your "codex". You'll grow your economy by hiring workers, and spend the gold on summoning heroes, leveling them up, casting their spells, and building more and more powerful units.

Expansion: Blue and Black Factions

This expansion contains the 3 blue heroes from the Flagstone Dominion faction, the 3 black heroes from the Blackhand Scourge faction, and all their associated spells and units, and so on. You can combine these cards with the Starter Set, Core Set, and Whitestar vs. Vortoss expansion too.
This expansion requires the Core Set.
  • Your next stop in Codex after the Core Set.
  • 2-player competitive game
  • High quality, fun art with some silliness here and there
  • You can play this matchup a whole lot and discover more and more depth to it as well as combine it with other Codex products.
Did you notice?

Quince and Onimaru are heroes in this expansion and are also in Yomi.

# of players

2 (though with enough cards, the game supports up to 5 player free-for-all as well)

Recommended For
  • Players looking for a deep strategy game.
  • Those who already have the Codex Core Set.
Whats in the Box?
  • 83 blue faction cards
  • 83 black faction cards
  • 3 blue heroes
  • 3 black heroes
  • 19 "token" unit cards
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Print-and-play Version Includes
  • All the blue faction cards, including 3 blue heroes.
  • All the black faction cards, including 3 black heroes.
  • Print-and-play version does not include optional "token" cards (Soldier, Skeleton, etc.). They are available here.
  • NOTE: This product requires the Core Set. You should also provide your own card binders (one per player) as your "codex".