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The Basics

Codex is an RTS-themed customizable card game. You build your deck as you play from a pool of cards in your "codex". You'll grow your economy by hiring workers, and spend the gold on summoning heroes, leveling them up, casting their spells, and building more and more powerful units.

Core Set

This Core Set contains the 3 red heroes from the Blood Anarch faction, the 3 green heroes from the Moss Sentinels faction, and all their associated spells and units, and so on. You can combine these cards with the Starter Set and expansions, too.
  • Great place to start playing Codex (though the Starter Set is an even simpler way to get started)
  • 2-player competitive game
  • High quality, fun art with some silliness here and there
  • You can play this matchup a whole lot and discover more and more depth to it.
Did you notice?

4 of the 6 heroes in this set are also in Yomi, Puzzle Strike, and Flash Duel.

# of players

2 (though with enough cards, the game supports up to 5 player free-for-all as well)

Recommended For
  • Players looking for a strategy card game that's deep, yet light-hearted.
  • Those ready to dive into Codex's full 3-hero mode.
Whats in the Box?
  • 86 red faction cards
  • 86 green faction cards
  • 30+ "token" unit cards
  • 2 large game boards
  • 2 Codex binders
  • Dial to track life totals
  • Chits to track other quantities
  • Rulebook
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Print-and-play Version Includes
  • All the red and green faction cards, including 6 heroes.
  • Player boards
  • Patrol zones
  • add-on mini-cards and "spec-choice" mini-cards
  • chits for tracking XP, gold, damage, etc
  • Print-and-play version does not include optional "token" cards (Pirate, Squirrel, etc.). They are available here.