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Print-and-play Version
This is a downloadable rulebook for Chess 2 and requires that you have a regular Chess set to play.
The Basics
Chess 1 was a hit, no doubt about it. Chess 2 seeks to build on the greatness of the original while addressing a few problems and also going in a new direction. There are now SIX ARMIES to choose from, rather than just 1. There's a new win condition for crossing the midline of the board with your king (in addition to your grandpa's checkmates). There's also a double-blind bidding mechanic called dueling that lets a captured piece sometimes take down the attacking piece with it.
  • New win condition of midline invasion means far fewer draws and no memorized endgames.
  • 6 different armies to choose from, meaning 21 different matchups.
  • A new double-blind bidding mechanic called dueling makes memorized openings even more impractical, tests your valuation skills, and emphasizes adaptation and reading the opponent's tendencies.
Did you notice?

A digital version of Chess 2 will launch on the OUYA first and other platforms later.

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Recommended For
  • Players who prefer adaptation over memorized openings, and who find frequent draws unsatisfying.
  • Players who like asymmetric games.
More Information
Print-and-play Version Includes
  • Rulebook in pdf form
NOTE: You need to supply your own standard Chess board and pieces.
NOTE 2: By using the checkout process here to get the rulebook, you will automatically receive any updates it has in the future, and you will have the chance to sign up for (or decline) getting other Sirlin Games e-mails.
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