Know your deck
Each character has a character card and a deck with poker values.
That makes it easy to learn how many of each move you have.
Character card
Numbered cards are normal moves
Face cards are special moves
Aces are super moves
Simultaneous Combat
Play your combat card face down, at the same time as your opponent.
Make sure the move you want to do is toward the opponent.

Your card  
 Opponent’s card

Reveal your combat cards simultaneously.

Attack beats Throw

Win with a block
draw cards
Win with an attack
do a combo
Win with a throw
do a combo
Win with a dodge
hit back with
a single move
20 Characters
Find the character whose personality matches your playstyle.
Explore the 210 different 1v1 matchups, or over 18,000 possible 2v2 matchups.

A Strategy Game Designed for Thousands of Plays
You’ll get the most out of Yomi if you can play it a lot and really learn how to use your character well. There’s a lot you can optimize in your play.

Yomi has been a tournament game for many years. Join the online tournaments at, the big official tournament every summer at Fantasy Strike Expo in California, or organize your own. Watch archives of online tournaments at

This page shows some in-development
cards that aren’t for sale yet.

Watch It Played Full gameplay demonstration

Yomi video series: