Deckbuilding polished like a gem. Crash your gems away or you'll lose… but more gems enable bigger combos. How greedy are you?
Crash Gems break apart your own gems
and send them to opponents.

The first person to end a turn with
10 or more gems loses.
Built-in Comebacks If you have lots of gems:
• You draw more chips per turn!
• You have more ammo to send!
• BUT you might lose the game.

In other words, whenever you’re close
to losing, you’re also very powerful.
Combine for bigger crashes Combine small gems into bigger ones
so a single crash will send them all.
Combining costs money though.
Decisions, decisions.

Build your deck as you play You have to buy a chip every turn to add to your deck,
even if it’s a wound. It’s tricky to balance the right amount of
money, crash gems, combines, and puzzle chips in your deck.

No shuffling required Got butter fingers for shuffling cards?
Just toss your chips in the bag and shake them up.
Puzzle Strike has a unique, tactile feel.
Video game inspired The same dynamics as in the video game Puzzle Fighter HD Remix
by the same Lead Designer.

20 Characters Find the character whose personality matches your playstyle.
Explore the 210 different 1v1 matchups and thousands more in 4-player free-for-all.

Casual & Competitive Puzzle strike is a good casual game because it
supports up to four players without player-elimination,
tends to have close games, has lots of variety, and a
fun theme. And it comes in a pink box.

Puzzle Strike is also a tournament game that remains
interesting after thousands of plays against experts.
There is a ton to learn, and even a 100-page strategy
guide to help you! Puzzle Strike was also named
Strategy Game of the Year. Dive in and find out why.