Pandante is a gambling game that's all about lying.
It's the Panda's version of poker that brings joy to all.
And it has a Gold Fairy.

You should see how the Pandas gamble. Everything about it is familiar, yet different. The cards are oversized to fit their paws. It's sort of like Texas Hold 'Em poker, but you don't have to know anything about that to play it. The whole game centers around constantly lying, which makes it a lot of fun. While they have a way of playing it for real money, they also have a way that makes for a great social or family game for 2 - 6 players.

  • No player elimination
  • You don't have to fold all the time, like you do in Human Poker
  • A few special abilities really spice it up
  • A gold fairy gives you money if you really need it, but then you have to frolic with the fairy for a while.
  • It's actually fun to play for its own sake, when no real money is on the line. The Pandas are laughing and joking the whole way through!
  • You can also play it with real money...if you're Panda enough!


Basic Version

The standard version includes 1 deck of oversized Pandante cards,
6 boards,
a dealer button,
and a rulebook.
Here's some Pandante cards:


and here's the board where you place your bets:


Here's the dealer button, to keep track of the turn order:

and here's what happens to liars:

The highest honor in Pandante is to win a hand by lying.
That means no one called you out on it, and you somehow got away with it.
When that happens, you can reveal your cards to gloat,
and you get one of the six PANDA LORDS to watch over you, as a reward.


Luxury Version

The deluxe version includes all that plus a full set of professional grade clay poker chips. You get 180 clay chips in 4 denominations. Poker chips often look like gaudy clown money, but these are simple, elegant, and classy:



The deluxe set also includes a good quality dealer button and a sweet box to hold it all.
The box has a magnetic lid to keep it closed without adding any distracting, inelegant pieces to the outside.

Pandante & Poker. The poker chips are so awesome that you might want to play Human Poker with them. (Why not just play Pandante though?) You can  get a special poker deck (sold separately) to compliment your Pandante set.

The poker deck is crafted in the same minimal, elegant graphic style as the rest of Pandante. It's oversized and for some reason contains an extra rank of face cards, called Wizards. What's up with that?

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