Your four basic actions With the simple numbered cards in your hand, you can do these four things.
Abilities Each character has 3 abilities. You can use each one once per round.
(A game is best 3 out of 5 rounds.)

Normal-sized mortal card
Raid on Deathstrike Dragon Up to four mortals can cooperate against a fifth playing
the Dragon. He has 8 enormous ability cards and crushes
the dreams of mortals.

There’s even a traitor mode where one mortal secretly
helps the Dragon.
20 Characters + 1 Super Character Find the character whose personality matches your playstyle.
Explore the 210 different 1v1 matchups,
or over 18,000 possible 2v2 matchups.
Almost 5,000 possible teams can fight Deathstrike Dragon.

Now with character standups.
Portable version included Take the 1v1 version with you anywhere.
20 characters and a portable board fit
in the palm of your hand.

You can even use it to play two
simultaneous 1v1 games.