The customizable card game has been reinvented
  • Build your deck as you play
  • A codex full of answers
    for whatever’s thrown at you
  • No collectability

Hire workers to mine gold

Spend gold on heroes, spells,
tech buildings, units, and more

You need a hero
to cast a spell

You need a tech building
to play a unit

Your tech buildings, heroes, and units can all be attacked in combat.
You can temporarily disable the opponent’s ability to cast certain spells
or play certain units by destroying their heroes and tech buildings.

Choose 3 Heroes

The heroes you choose determine which cards will go in your codex.
No matter which heroes you choose, your codex will always have a coherent set of useful cards.

Your codex is a book of lots of cards.
Build your deck from your codex as you play.
You start with just 10 cards in your deck and add 2 cards from your codex each turn.

A Strategy Game Designed for Thousands of Plays You’ll get the most out of Codex if you can play it a lot and
really learn how to use everything at your disposal. There’s a
lot you can optimize in your play.

Codex is designed around the idea that it should be
strategically interesting to play for years and years even
without new cards. We certainly can release expansions for
all six factions, but there’s hundreds of viable decks and
hundreds of thousands of matchups even without that. And
even within a single matchup, your codex gives you a lot of
“builds” to try.

Codex beta testing

Codex is finished, though this page has not yet been updated. Pre-orders are now available.